Located in scenic Mendocino County, Golden Vineyards currently consists of two ranches, Heart Arrow, located just North of Redwood Valley and Fairbairn located in Hopland.

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Our Mission

Here at Golden Vineyards we strive to create a farm that produces only the highest quality grapes, meats and vegetables while improving the health of the natural environment around us.

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Heart Arrow

The Heart Arrow Ranch is steeped in history. The Pomo Indians native to this area hunted and gathered on the slopes of the mountain they called Kachadana (Arrowhead Mountain) for tens of thousands of years. The Heart Arrow has at various times been a sheep and cattle ranch, but now less than 60 acres of this historic ranched is farmed, planted to red wine varietals. And that farming is Organic and Biodynamic. In this way we hope to honor the history of this special place.


The Native American Pomo people gathered in this place the called Sanel living in complete harmony with the land. Today, the Fairbairn Ranch's 22 acres of award-winning Syrah are rooted in the Redvine sandy loam soils of Mendocino County just east of Hopland. Initially planted in 1986 and farmed organically, then replanted with Syrah in 1994 and farmed under Biodynamic® practices ever since, nearly 20,000 vines rise gently along a northwesterly slope. Fairbairn Ranch vines produce an average of 70 tons per year of this popular Rhone varietal or just over 3 tons per acre.

Our Certifications


Demeter USA® is the only certifier for Biodynamic farms and products in America. While all of the organic requirements for certification under the National Organic Program are required for Biodynamic certification, the Demeter standard is much more extensive, with stricter requirements around imported fertility, greater emphasis on on-farm solutions for disease, pest, and weed control, and in depth specifications around water conservation and biodiversity

Fish Friendly

We farm using practices that protect the endangered coho salmon and steelhead trout. Becuase premium food and wine comes from a pristine enviroment.